sPERANTO worldwide strengthens at-risk youths through in socially deprived areas through dance and musicin their personal development. We realize empowerment projects for those who suffer from i.a. post-traumatic stress or mental illness.

Æ   We enable youths to unfold their full potential creating
individual and social changes leading to less drug abuse, violence decrease and less mental abnormalities
Æ   Contributing to equal opportunities leading to less unemployement and preventing from school dropouts
Æ  We empower women and girls for gender equality

Æ  We contribute social inclusion, to a better togetherness, to solidarity, to less racism, to less bullying and less discrimination and connect cultures and people

This results in improved personal, social, educational and professional perspectives and sustainable social changes.

sPERANTO projects have been rewarded many-times for their social impact and social inclusion since 2014.

We make an active contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 1 No poverty, SDG 4 High-quality education, SDG 5 Gender equality, SDG 10 Less inequalities, SDG 12 Sustainable consumption and production, SDG 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions and SDG 17 partnerships to achieve the goals.

Why dance? Dance possesses the inherent power to have healing effects on those who engage in it. Both the repressed and the experienced can be consciously perceived, expressed and processed. It allows for equal opportunities and a sense of community in which mutual support and empathy can be found regardless of gender and cultural or social background.

Hip Hop is an urban subculture to be found everywhere on the planet. It facilitates an authentic access to young people to work with them on a trustful basis. By implementing their own ideas dance-like, musically and lyrically, their confidence and self-sufficiency is going to increase as well as their creativity, concentration and coordination abilities and social behavior.

I have definitely learned to act in a more confident manner and to not care too much about what other people might think of me. We have learned a lot, mostly about ourselves.

Selen, 16 Years old

sPERANTO Participant
Peine, Germany

What was most important to me was to learn that you should never give up and to always put the team first. If you don’t show up, you let your teammates down and it’s important to realize that there are people out there who need and rely on you.

CARA, 15 Years old

sPERANTO Participant
Berlin, Germany

After dancing I always feel happy and relieved that I can express all my feelings, fears and sorrows.

Angel, 16 Years old
sPERANTO Participant Quito, Ecuador

Our sPERANTO Education-Empowerment-Moduls (combinable)

Hip Hop Dance & Rap/ Songwriting/ Free Writing

Hip Hop Dance & Rap/ Songwriting/ Free Writing

We realize hip hop empowerment projects with influences from other dance and music genres, free writing, songwriting/ rap/ singing and dance theater. The projects conclude with a final performance and a video and audio production.

  • For equal opportunities, improved perspectives,
  • creativity, future competences
  • for socially disadvantaged groups/youth in small groups of 10-15 participants
  • Usually 5 intensive days with sustainable continuation
  • In cooperation with schools, youth institutions, NGOs 
  • Germany and worldwide 

Vision Coaching

In our mentoring program, we realize one-to-one coaching and group coaching to develop intrinsically-motivated visions of the future, goal setting and accompaniment on the way to implementing an individual goal. We use methods from systemic coaching and the sPERANTO tRAUMwerkstatt© method.

  • Life coaching
  • Vocational orientation
  • Personality coaching
  • Psychological Coaching
  • Social Eco Entrepreneurship/ Self-employment

  • Formats: Impulse workshops, project weeks, one-year project work, long-term support
  • by trained coaches
  • for teenagers and young adults

Vision Coaching

Social Eco Entrepreneurship

Social Eco Entrepreneurship/ Education for sustainable development and global challenges

Development of micro-projects on socio-ecological challenges in the living environment of young people to promote active social participation, transformation of socio-ecological, global challenges. The basis is formed by specialist workshops on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and education for sustainable development.

  • Formats: Impulse workshops, project weeks, one-year project work, long-term monitoring.
  • Small groups 
  • for young people from 13 to 27 years
  • Upon successful completion of projects of at least 30 hours, we issue a sPERANTO certificate, which confirms the acquisition of social skills and the acquisition of new skills and abilities, which can be used for job applications

For companies: 
We offer additional customized workshop modules for your company

We do not only offer fixed defined projects, but adapt them to your needs, your core business, your (production) sites and your employees. 

You choose additional workshop modules, adapted to and tailored for your company. 

As an example: If you are an IT company, we could additionally offer a workshop “Programming for Young Women”.

  • We realize the exact planning, the detailed implementation and the necessary documentation of our educational empowerment projects
    regionally and worldwide
  • for the children of your employees in your international production sites or/ and for socially disadvantaged groups/youths in cooperation with local youth institutions.
  • We initiate the educational empowerment project in cooperation with your and our partners. 
  • We train and exchange with local experts and multipliers for the sustainable continuation of the projects.

For companies: 
We offer additional customized workshop modules for your company



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