sPERANTO worldwide help companies achieve their business goals in growth, profitability, customer loyalty and employee engagement with a complete Corporate Social Responsibility package. 

This CSR complete package includes the  personalized planning, execution and documentation of our in-house dance and music empowerment projects for at-risk youth worldwide.

For the creation of the photo and video material we use modern technologies (360 degree videos, VR, AR). You can use this documentation, including product placement, intensively for your CSR and marketing activities and your authentic storytelling.


The one month intensive empowerment projects, with sustainable continuation, can be offered regional, local or international to the children of your employees in your production facilities or in cooperation with youth institutions, youth detention centers, refugee camps. Furthermore, your employees can be involved in order to expand job-relevant skills and to strengthen employee satisfaction. 

We offer our services and the resulting product to smaller companies, to SMEs and larger, publicly listed companies.

What We Take Care Of

Strategy & Concept

We develop a tailored strategy
and create sPERANTO concepts
that are customized to match your desires.


The in-houe projects are implemented by our high-skilled and interdisciplinary team ourselves.


We take over all the
for you.

Quality Assurance & Sustainability

We assure the highest quality possible and
guide the projects to continue on their own.

Your Benefits

In-House Projects

To insure high impact outcomes as well as cost-efficiency, our projects are implemented autonomously by core members of our highly skilled and interdisciplinary team.

Authentic Storytelling

We work with you to create your own authentic narrative within projects with the use of visually appealing footage to let your customers feel part of the story.

Employee Qualification

Your related staff can be incorporated if desired - hereby you grasp the opportunity to let them develop relevant skills and responsibilities.

Time & Money Savings

No hiring of subcontractors necessary - neither training nor coordinating staff members.

New Technology

By utilizing VR, AR and 360° videos, we open new fascinating perspecties for your custimers. The top-quality footage exists for you to include in your variety of PR and/or CSR measures.

Integration of Employees' Children

We offer the integration of your employees' children at your production sites to let you provide an extra perk for your personnel.

Your CSR Benefits

Customer Loyalty

Win the hearts of your customers and empower your brand!

Corporate Identification

Enhance the corporate identification of both your customers and employees.


Meet public demands and
desires for a social and sustainable economy.

Act both economically and responsibly with sPERANTO!

Just contact us for further information!