Our Values


In order to lead young people on a better path, we have to walk it ourselves. We live by our values, are aware of our role model function and stand up for our beliefs!


We contribute to a better society. We regularly push ourselves to not only let us and everyone related benefit from our work but also to open doors for young people all around the planet.


Courage – for us – means, to prevail our moral concepts & ideals against oppositions, to not shy away from social and economical challenges and to pave new ways to make our vision accessible for everybody.


A healthy society only works, if everyone stands up for everybody. Altruism and justice should be lived up to not just by ourselves but also by out clients and partners. We connect cultures and peoples across borders.


We are a dynamic, interdisciplinary team that works determined and transparent, following our hearts and minds. Sustainability is a inherent character of our work.


Physical and psycholigical health both are dependent on each other – that's why we strive for conscious dieting, sporting activities and mindfulness to align & body and spirit.


sPERANTO worldwide makes contributions to young peoples’ belief in themselves. By empowering them to unfold their complete potential, new and better prospects arise for their personal, professional and social life. It creates a platform for a better social togetherness, solidarity and altruism and connects cultures and countries around the world.

5.b Ueber uns - Vision


Mission-sPERANTO worldwide

Within the framework of the sPERANTO projects young people learn dance steps, develop their own choreographies by improvisation, experience personal coaching,  write autobiographically and implement these texts dance-like. Through this participative approach, the youths carry on the projects intrinsically motivated on their own. Every project concludes in a final stage performance and related video production utilizing modern technologies. Young people get connected across borders to reinforce an intercultural understanding and an artistic exchange.

The Team

Alica Paeske
CEO & Founder

Alica brings longstanding experiences as a social entrepreneur, culture and social pedagogue, professional dancer, choreographer and model into the team.

I consider myself a mediator between economical and development work. I understand both their needs and strive to create effective and sustainable solutions  to let them work hand in hand. I want to share my experiences with youths around the world and empower them to unfold their individual potential. I take a stand for a better societal togetherness and connect humans, cultures and countries.

Anna Wierzbicka
Marketing & PR Manager

Anna is a trained jurist and looks back yearlong experiences
in business development, corporate communications,
marketing and PR.

I feel very happy and am excited about applying my years of acquired know-how to projects that both empower and prepare for life socially deprived youths who can’t protect themselves from their own environment.

Aljoscha Scherner
Customer Relationship Manager

Joschi had been working as a freelancer for several
film productions over the last years and is a trained
business manager.

It’s exciting and very motivating to apply a diverse set of skills and abilities to very different functions and challenges within a framework that benefits socially deprived youths all around the planet.

Julia von Oy
Project Manager

Julia is a professional dancer, dance teacher and trained culture and social anthropologist for Latin America. Her experience covers a variety of art & dance projects for young people.

Dance has a major impact on areas of social conflicts which a lot of youths can be found in. By realizing worldwide empowerment projects together with our partners, we bring young peoples’s problems to attention and contribute to their solutions.


It is a matter of heart for us to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to participate in our empowerment projects – at no charge!

Therefore we welcome every renowned artist / influencer to support us as an sPERANTO ambassador in order to create more awareness for sPERANTO worldwide activities and to boost our reach.

Would you like to use your reach to bring our empowerment projects to peoples’ attention? We would highly appreciate if you made contact.

Golden microphone on stage during the concert

Professional Artists & Pedagogues

The heart of the sPERANTO artist family beats in its core team. In order to realize as many empowerment projects for youths as possible, we cooperate with a great number of mostly local artists. Whereas we primarily look for dancers (urban dance/hip hop/regional dances), we also welcome singers, rappers, songwriters, street artists etc.

The artists are pedagogical educated and have excellent language skills. This way we are able to rely on the knowledge and potential of a great network – we provide an insight for you right here:

Tabea Elkarra

Professional Singer, Songwriter, Vocal
and Performance Coach

Marianne Thies, ACT

Theater Teacher
at ACT e.V.

Eleonora Reyes

Professional Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Producer und Multi-Instrumentalist
Tierra Bomba Quarteto


Best known as a juror in “The Voice of Germany”, Tabea has already supported a six-month sPERANTO project in Berlin in 2017 for female refugees.

“I enjoyed supporting sPERANTO as a vocal & songwriting coach because i am truly convinced that it’s important to enable young people to express themselves creatively. Alica provides a platform to do so including humor, passion and a great team spirit, that’s why i liked being a part of it. It was simply great to see how much strength and confidence the youths gained by writing and singing.”

Marianne has supported a sPERANTO project in Berlin by teaching theatrical work in order to implement a dance and singing show together with the youths.

“Alica takes the young people really seriously and focusses on their individual qualities. Through a lot of energs, her infectious positive attitude and relentless engagement she has achieved to set up a moving production.”

Eleonora has played, arranged and conducted for several ensembles with regards to pop music, world music or symphonic orchestras.

“I want to pass on my knowledge, experiences and love for music. Art can change lives.”

The dance choreographies and rap performances of the sPERANTO project in Quito, Ecuador for at risk youth were exercised to the (live) music of local band Tierra Bomba and were presented at the final video and music production.


“The ensamble supports sPERANTO because of its social focus, which creates creative playful spaces for socially disadvantaged youth. We believe that youths are empowered by artistic medium to enhance their capacity for creation and find new tools and ways to grow personally and professionally. This work is important and that’s exactly what sPERANTO does – therefore Tierra Bomba has joined.”



You are a professional artist and you want to play a part in the sPERANTO projects? Can you look back on relevant experiences in working with youths from low socio-economic areas?
Feel free to contact us to get further information!

Video Production Companies

sPERANTO projects are documented by film crews utilizing modern technologies. Highlight of each project is the concluding performance of the participant with an accompanied video production. Furthermore, the whole projects can be documented through footage and interviews along the way.

In order to be able to insure high quality footage, we work together with selected video production companies – you can get an insight here:

Shuto Crew

Urban Creative Agency

Belton Bravo

Filmmaker, Producer, Photographer

Karo Labs

Virtual Reality,
360° Videos

Ricardo Pinzon

Director, Cameraman, Post Producer

Pao & Nader support us at our sPERANTO projects in Berlin. Their field of customers include Universal, Sony Music and Breakletics.

“Whilst meeting Alica and learning about the sPERANTO project, we realized that it wasn’t just a ‘project’ for her but that she speaks the same language as the young people she works with do. It is a matter of heart for her to give them something they can hold on to.”

Belton has supported us at the sPERANTO project in Quito. Also, he has produced various advertising campaigns and TV productions in South America.

“It is a real pleasure to be part of sPERANTO. The collaboration allows me to make contributions to the empowerment of young people. It had been very enriching – an emotional highlight was to see the final performance and the related video footage that had been recorded alongside.”

Sachiko & Shantanu  realize virtual reality experiences and create video footage of the sPERANTO projects.

“sPERANTO is a great company to collaborate with. KARO Labs truly believes in their vision and is excited to partner them along the way. By merging creativity and technology we are hopeful that we can create a deep social impact with them”

Ricardo looks back on yearslong experiences in the field of audiovisual media and has contributed creative work for e.g. Netflix productions.

“I am backing up sPERANTO because a child’s laughter is a gate to a better future. I think it’s a very interesting project with the potencial to give children in vulnerable communities the chance for a different view on their life.

Would you and your film team like to get on board? We are awaiting your request!


Lautaro Sancho

Political Scientist Project Manager
Tom Gleitsmann

Web Developer

Nicole Cacchiotti

International Marketing Manager

Milena Paeske

Trained Dance Instructor
Media Manager

Lautaro plays a big role in organizing and implementing sPERANTO projects in Germany and Ecuador – from acquiring new partners to creating documenting footage of the projects.

“I support sPERANTO because it’s a matter of heart for me to empower and connect young people.”

Tom has been patiently supporting us since 2018 by programming and building our website.

“I think that personal development and education are the two subjects that should be promoted the most as they build the foundation for a better future. That’s why I’m happy to support you.”

Nicole has been contributing to our vision since 2018 by creating PR material and as a photographer.

“I support sPERANTO’s mission because I truly believe in the healing ability of creative self-expression. The sPERANTO team is passionate about what they do and who they do it for; I am happy to be part of it.

Milena has been a big help from the beginning in many different functions as is social media, photography, film and logistic work. In 2017, she produced a documentary about sPERANTO.

“sPERANTO is exactly what our society needs! They start out at barriers and open new paths to self-awareness and love. That helps to reinforce a solidary society.”

Escuela de Ballet
San Francisco

Dancing School

Thomas Wagner

Business Developer

Andy Franz

Professional Photographer

Semifusa Estudio

Music Production

The school supplies us with rehearsal spaces and a big network at our projects in Quito.

Thomas looks back on years and years of professional experience as both an executive and a consultant and is regularly at hand with lots of help and good advice.

Andy brings his love for detail as a photographer to the sPERANTO table. He worked for clients like Vodafone and Rausch.

“I am fascinated by Alica’s relentless effort and passion for her sPERANTO projects. She helps young people to make their dreams come true by putting fun and teamwork first. Alica makes it look easy to make the world a better place.”

At the Semifusa Estudios in Quito we have produced our recordings. One of their many clients is the Coca-Cola Company.

“There are outstanding persons who try to change the world using their talents and knowledge – Alica is one of them. It had been a pleasure to support sPERANTO because i am enthralled by the vision and work of that project. It encourages young people around the planet by giving them room to grow, to learn and to develop through the arts.”